Santé & Re.You – Cave (feat. Jim Hickey) – 16.12.21

Cave cover art

Just in time for the end of the year, my collaboration with DJs Santé & Re.You is out in the wild. Available on Spotify, Apple Music or anywhere you listen to music.

x Jim


Alexandra Alden – Pilgrim (Jim Hickey Remix)


Alexandra Alden asked me to remix her most recent single, a gorgeously delicate song called Pilgrim. Her ethereal vocal performance is still the haunted soul of the track, while the rest took shape practically on its own. The fact that she’s also from my island home of Malta made it extra special for me, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or anywhere you listen to music.

x Jim


Love In Rewind

My new single, Love In Rewind, is out now (01.05.20)

x Jim

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